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Community Watch Links Crime - A Free Service To The Community

The Community Watch Network receive reports of stolen vehicles and license plates, or evidence submitted by other victim of crime. This info is relayed to city-wide cameras. When these cameras detect the stolen vehicle or license plate in question, police are contacted, and this info is showcased on digital billboards and shared on social media to raise awareness within community.

Daily Protecting 1 Million Vehicle Owners' Property
Including Live Crime & Weather Alerts

Community Watch Safeguarding
Our Community

A Free Subscription
Community Service

  • All information anonymous - privacy is assured
  • Must include QP & subscriber’s number
  • Upload image of stolen vehicle or number plate
  • Send image of felon to upload link here
  • Collects crucial evidence of criminal activities
  • Enabling rapid identification of vehicle or felon
  • Tracks wanted vehicle or criminal's location
  • Alerts police of location for citywide capture
  • Criminals publicly displayed denouncing actions
  • Social justice achieved via community policing
Empowering A Safer Community
  • Exposing culprits for earlier arrest
  • Name and shame felon to stop reoffending
  • Displays live intel missing persons/amber alert
  • Community pilot site reduced crime by 95%
  • Safeguards my vehicle and locates if stolen
  • Sharing victims’ insights to assist the vulnerable
  • Visual deterrent exposing identity of criminals
  • Community goodwill not tolerating crime
  • Reward paid to local charity locating vehicle
  • Save money at businesses supporting project
  • Warning alerts of serious storms approaching
Partnerships With
Proactive Groups:

The success of the Community Watch camera network's initiative is attributed to the collaborative effort
between law enforcement agencies, university technology experts, and engaged community members.
This cooperation has paved the way for a safer, more secure environment for all residents.

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